tutorial activities


Icebreaker Three: Who are you?

Time allocated : 45 - 55 minutes (15 minutes to quiz partners and 30 - 40 minutesto feedback)

Aim: To enable students to get to know the learner they are paired with and learn a little about the rest of their fellow learners.

Instructions: Divide learners into pairs (groups of two) and ask them to find out about each other. For example age, hobbies, birth town, and why they are on the course. You could provide the learners with a list of information to gather or allow them to choose what to ask. Before they start questioningeach other tell learners they will need to do a three minute feedback session to the rest of the class about what they learnt about their partner. Hopefully this will encourage learners to actively quiz their partner.

After the partner quiz session ask each learner to feedback what they have learnt about their partner in three minutes to the rest of the class. For large classes you may need to reduce feedback to two minutes.

Tutor Note : As this is an icebreaker session, partner learners with people they have not worked with before.