Activity: RESPECT in the learning environment

Time Allocated: 60 minutes

Activity Aim: Respect is a common word used by many of our learners but they may not appreciate what it means within an educational environment.This activity aims to provide learners with an understanding of what RESPECT in the learning environment means through a structured debate.

Instructions: Split learners into groups of four and provide each group with flipchart paper.

  1. Give learners twenty minutes to draw up a list of classroom rules and write them on the flipchart paper. Classroom rules should be split into:
  2. Respect for themselves as a learner
    Respect for fellow learners
    Respect for the college, lecturers and everyone else who is supporting their education

  3. Approach each group and direct them towards a discussion of the following items; the importance of reading, working with others, self study and self discipline, engaging in class activities, communicating clearly and planning their work.
  4. After the group discussion, ask the groups to nominate a person to feedback their list of classroom rules. 3-5 minutes per group. Clarify/discuss feedback as and when necessary.

After the feedback presentations introduce the following acronym as a simple way to remember classroom rules. R.E.S.P.E.C.T in Education

Read to succeed on your chosen course.

Educate yourself to excel on your chosen course and educate others around you, should you have the opportunity.

Study hard so you know within yourself that you have given 100%.

Participate in group work and extra curricular activities during your course.

Engage in discussion and debate, don’t just sit quietly

Communicate regularly with your tutor so your tutor may support and guide you on the course. Remember your tutor cannot read your mind; you have to tell him/her how you feel.

Think and plan before you write, a well thought out project pays dividends.

Tutor Note: It may be useful to keep the rules each group has drawn up, so that if/when learner behaviour causes concern you can refer them back to their classroom rules.


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