Activity: Presentation Skills

Time allocated:   Allocate a time allowance for this tutorial based on the number of groups in the class. Task set up should be around ten minutes and investment decision explanation will take around five minutes.

Aim:  For learners to practice and gain confidence in delivering presentations. Additionally for learners to be able to cope under pressure such as preparing and delivering work within a short deadline.

Instructions: Split the class in groups so that each group has a maximum of four learners. Ask the groups to imagine that they work for LM Ltd a multinational firm which sells a number of products in markets internationally.  LM Ltd wants to continue expanding its portfolio and would like you to prepare a presentation, to persuade it to sell one of the following products:

  • A new brand of jeans
  • A new chocolate bar
  • A new social networking site
  • A new bicycle

Give the learners 20 minutes to prepare a five minute business presentation.

Ask each group to deliver their presentations to the rest of the class

At the end of each presentation the tutor should give constructive feedback on the presentation.

Once all presentations have been delivered, decide on which product LM Ltd will be investing in and let the class know the reason behind your decision.


Guide cards or paper cut into A5 size.

PowerPoint or Flip chart Flip chart pens.