Activity: Increase Learner Awareness Of Current Affairs

Time allocated: 60 minutes

Activity Aim: For learners to identify and present key aspects of a news story to an audience (group of people). This activity should demonstrate to learners how easy it is to increase their awareness of current affairs. It should increase learner confidence in relation to reading broadsheet newspapers and other formal reading material. It may also demonstrate to learners that non internet mediums also provide useful research material.

Instructions: Split the class into four groups and give each group formal reading material such as a broadsheet newspaper or news magazine for example The Economist.

Ask each group to select a news story from their reading material.

Ask each group to summarise the key points of the story they have chosen on a flip chart sheet.

Ask each group to present their summary to the rest of the class. To ensure that students have understood the selected story ask each group a couple of questions if/when necessary.


Tutor Note: You have the option to ask students to summarise general current affairs news or news that relates to the curriculum they are studying.