Activity: Elect a class representative

Time allocated: 60/90 minutes depending on class size

Aim: For learners to be able to understand the role of a class representative and the importance of this role within their institution. This activity should encourage some learners to nominate themselves for the role of class representative.

Instructions: Depending on number of learners split the class into groups of three or four. Ask each group to

  1. Write a description covering the role of a class representative (If your institution has a description of the role provide this to each group).
  2. List the qualities/skills that a class representative should possess.
  3. List how the class representative will benefit from the role.
  4. List how the class will benefit from having someone representing them.
  5. List how the institution benefits from class representatives.

Ask each group to provide a summary of their discussion. Following group summaries ask learners to volunteer themselves for class representative. Ideally the number of volunteers needs to equal at least the number of groups in the class. If the number of volunteers is insufficient, ask each group to nominate a class representative candidate.

Provide each volunteer with five minutes to prepare a 3 minute election speech.

Ask each volunteer to deliver their three minute speech to the rest of the class.

Get all the learners to vote for their preferred representative by writing down the name of their preferred candidate and handing it to you (the tutor).

Count the number of votes for each candidate and your class representative has been elected.

Good Luck