Tutorial Activities


Icebreaker One: The Birthday Game

Time allocated :  20 minutes.

Aim: This activity encourages learners to talk to one another especially if they are working together for the first time. Learners are unable to complete this task without talking to every participant. This task should help break communication barriers and prepare learners to work together during the rest of the tutorial session.

Instructions : Ask learners to organise themselves (in ten minutes) in a line based either on

  1. Age - So that the line runs from the youngest to the oldest or
  2. Month of Birth - So that the line runs in calendar months from January to December

Once the line is complete ask each person to confirm their age or month of birth so that you can assess the effectiveness of the icebreaker. It also provides learners with another opportunity to talk.


Observation for tutors: If during the task you notice that there are natural leaders encourage them to become a class representative (see activity on electing a class representative).